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We care about the well being of our youth in the community. This is why we, with the help and input of our youth, have put together‍‍‍ these services for you. We know that everyone has a mental health and ‍‍‍we also know that it is important and to learn. Feel free to invite us to your space; we have a lot to say!‍‍‍

Pens and Paint
This art-based program focuses on coping with stress through visual arts and creative writing. Art is a form of creative expression, and we can help you do it by learning artistic skills such as canvassing, pottery making and even slam poetry.

Winter Wellness
Winter Wellness is a program that runs in the winter months. With Winter Wellness, you can learn how physical activity, through being outdoors during winter, can help cope with stress. We run a variety of winter based activities and all transportation, lift tickets, equipment, rentals and lessons are included and absolutely free to participants.

This program runs in the summer. As a group you will collaboratively grow a vegetable garden and explore nature trails, farms, and lakes around the Ottawa/Gatineau regions. This program pairs spending time in nature with a conversational element. If you're a person who wants to get outside, learn how to grow a garden, or likes to chill- this program is for you.

Mindfulness Ambassador Council
The power of yoga and meditation is a healthy coping method. This program encourages you to discover yourself, and allows you to recharge through mindfulness and discussion with peers. Most of all, it teaches you the key aspect of mental health maintenance which is self care - to take a while just to breathe. This program is for youth 15 and older.

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Wellness 101 Presentation

We have all have a mental health so let's learn about what that is. The goals for this presentation is for youth to understanding what mental health is, understand the stigma associated to mental health and to learn about what to do if one notices changes to their mental health and where to go to ask for help
Duration: 1 hour long
Capacity: 65 youth ages 13-20

StressLess Presentation

We all experience stress at some point in our lives. Wouldn't it be great if we learned some coping strategies to help us manage our most stressful days? This presentation takes you through what stress is, how to locate stress and how to manage stress all while doing fun activities.‍‍‍
Duration: 1 hour long
Capacity: 65 youth ages 13-20

How to Help a Friend Presentation

Friends are a huge protective factor in our lives so what happens when our friends ask us to support them? This interactive presentation helps you navigate that in a healthy and safe way. We do not want you to become a mini psychologist, but rather, we hope that you will learn about the different resources in and around Ottawa and learn how to best support that friend in need. Through interactive activities and games, you will become comfortable and familiar with understanding why sometimes asking for help can be difficult.
Duration: 1 hour and 10 minutes long
Capacity: 30 youth ages 15-20

All of our presentations requires that you provide us with a laptop/computer, projector, audio and a comfortable space

Services + Bo‍‍‍oking

Mental Health Literacy

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‍‍Information Booth

‍‍‍Our information booths are suited for any sort of function that would benefit from information covering mental health and mental illness. Our information booths are a wealth of information and resources that are a great a‍‍‍ddition to any event. Through these booths we provide and connect those in need to resources, and promote mental well-being.