Our Te‍‍‍am

The dream team is made up of youth facilitators, core staff members, a Youth Advisory Committee (YAC), and volunteers! F‍‍‍ollowing a Youth Engagement Model we guarantee learning about mental health has never been as fun and meaningful!

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YouthNet RéseauAdo

2305 Unit 300B Blvd Saint-Laurent

Ottawa, Ontario

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Core Team
Behind the scenes our core team works very hard to provide high quality, engaging mental health literacy services for youth. Our pr‍‍‍ogram coordinator makes sure we are connected in the community and running smoothly, our social worker ensures that clinical support is available at all times, and our mental health planners use creativity, research, and advocacy to advance mental health prevention in Ottawa. We are always eager to connect with youth and community settings . Please contact us know if you would like to request a specific service or learn more about us.

Youth Facilitators
All of our programs and presentations are delivered by our youth facilitators. They are between the ages of 20-30 because we get that sometimes it is easier to talk to someone closer to your age. Research also demonstrates that youth are more likely to ask for help from a peer. YouthNet facilitators are youth-friendly, ASIST trained, and passionate about mental health! We hire new youth facilitators every year so it this sounds like your dream job don't hesitate to contact us!

Youth Volunteers
Our volunteers help with us with a range of tasks, such as organizing fundraisers, social media promotion, painting banners, planning fun icebreakers, helping with youth drop-in's and more. If you are looking for more experience or wanting to give back please connect with us!